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Our office is in the Sanderling Professional Building in downtown Port Townsend across the street from the mall adjacent to the ferry terminal. There is off street free parking and we are on the main bus line.

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Providing Modern and Compassionate Medical Care

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A Pragmatic Approach to Complex Care

Since 2004 Olympas Pain & Addiction Services (OPAS) has been a regional referral source for patients seeking specialized medical and behavioral care in pain management and addiction medicine. The OPAS approach respects the best of current scientific evidence and understandings. Yet OPAS does not limit interventions to those covered by third parties. Our principal physician, J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D., acts as a consultant to other providers and works with patients as their advocate in helping them access the best medical care.  He is thoughtful, has been formally deemed compassionate, and he is willing to explore safe alternatives in addition to standard medical options. He considers his medical care to be pragmatic, that is he evaluates what approaches are likely to produce the best results in a "doable", safe, and effective manner. 


One may review Dr. Rotchford's published essay, Letting the Horses Run, to better appreciate his philosophy regarding medical care.   For further background and publications regarding Dr. Rotchford please visit his website at: DrRotchford.com. Some of his background, experience, expertise, and published articles are available online:  Dr. Rotchford’s Curriculum Vitae (resume).

A Seasoned Clinician

Dr. Rotchford is an experienced physician with acknowledged expertise in pain management, addiction medicine, medical acupuncture, and preventive medicine. Whether for improved pain management or addiction recovery he focuses on improving  brain and spinal cord function. This is accomplished through a comprehensive approach which may include education, behavioral changes, pharmaceutical care, supplements, encouragement, conventional medical procedures, as well as acupuncture and other "alternative" modalities. He often cares for patients for which his colleagues have no further suggestions.  In addition to pain management or addiction medicine he has helped many patients who have complex and otherwise poorly managed mental health concerns including memory concerns, mood disorders, PTSD,  etc.   He also has relatively unique skills and experience with helping patients who have been prescribed and used opioids for longer than expected.

A Board Certified Addiction Medicine Specialist (D.B.A.M.)

Dr. Rotchford has over 20 years of specialized interest in substance use disorders and is among the first physicians to be board certified in Addiction Medicine. He is a past president of the Washington Society of Addiction Medicine and has spoken internationally on addiction medicine subjects. Dr. Rotchford is well qualified to prescribe medications for addiction, including buprenorphine for opiate dependence. He has the DEA waiver to prescribe buprenorphine to up to 100 opioid dependent patients.

Serving and Recognized by His Community 

Dr. Rotchford is passionate about helping patients access the best of "brain health" care, whether for pain management, addictions, or general "brain health".  Based on his volunteer work with J.C. MASH, he was recognized by the Port Townsend community with the Heart of Service Award. In 2012 he was recognized by Patients Choice as one of America's Most Compassionate Doctors. HealthTap also awarded him First Place in 2013 as the Top Addiction Specialist in Washington State.

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